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Join us for ”Inside the Cambodia Project,” where student researcher Christian Pearson and professor Ben Beck discuss meaningful findings relating to sustainable business, corporate social responsibility, and firm growth in emerging markets such as Cambodia. Learn about the cutting-edge research that gets us out of bed every day and find your own passion to pursue humanitarian research endeavors. 

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Host Christian Pearson is joined by Asia expert and business scholar Seth Allred for an engaging discussion about the #MeToo movement and its reception throughout Asia. Together, they tackle several of the greatest obstacles to gender equality, and explore potential solutions as they apply to humanitarian research in Cambodia. They wrap things up talking about how to tactfully implement cultural changes in foreign countries, as informed by Melinda Gates’ recent book, The Moment of Lift.

Keynote speaker & marketing VP Logan Mallory joins host Christian Pearson in a riveting conversation about what being generous looks like at the corporate level. Logan shares several illustrative stories about his personal journey in the business world and the innate potential for good within each person. Then, in the spirit of Christmas, they discuss how giving and making sacrifices empowers and lifts businesses, shareholders, and stakeholders alike. 

Host Christian Pearson invites co-producer and marketing professor Dr. Ben Beck onto the podcast to share his thoughts on the Better Marketing for a Better World initiative. Later, Ben reviews 3 notable academic papers on prosocial marketing and connects their respective research designs to the Cambodia Project.

Host Christian Pearson and Cambodia enthusiast Shane Harrison take a closer look at the critical role of non-profits (such as the Cambodian Job Foundation) in developing economies. Shane shares key experiences from his time living in Cambodia and offers relevant insights concerning the project’s implementation and reception there. They wrap things up with an interesting discourse on Cambodia’s tragic history and it’s hopeful future.

Host Christian Pearson is joined by international traveller and cultural expert Bruce Money, who shares his experiences and research while abroad. Later, Bruce defines Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and considers their significance within the context of humanitarian research. Christian closes out the episode with some intriguing conclusions from Banerjee & Duflo’s book, Poor Economics. 

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